What is the circle πŸ”˜ next to people’s names in Zoom?

Recently you may have noticed a little circle (or dot, or bubble) icon πŸ”˜ in the names of people in your Zoom meetings. This indicates that the person on your Zoom call is using Circles for Zoom.

If you’re wondering why someone would be joining your call using Circles for Zoom, here are a few reasons:

  • Circles is a great way to get your desktop space back during your Zoom meetings. It turns each participant into a movable and resizable bubble on your screen so you can get the space back to look over materials, multi-task, and be more productive.
  • Circles gives you more control over your meeting experience. Not only can you control the way participants appear, you also get better control of screen share windows (resizable and closable instead of full screen),
  • Time saving Slack integration. Circles integrates with your Slack team to enable one-click calling of teammates and members of your Slack team. This avoid the need to start a meeting, copy the link, then open Slack, find a contact, and paste the link into your chat.
  • Switch between Circles UI and Zoom UI mid-meeting! If you find that you need or want the Zoom interface during your meeting, you can easily switch into it at any time.
  • Super powers! You get access to everything you normally would in Zoom plus a ton of additional features, control, and flexibility on top of it!

Circles for Zoom in action with two docks
Circles for Zoom in action with two docks

Looking to try it out? You can download Circles for Zoom for Mac today!

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