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Circles for Zoom
Circles for Zoom

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Who are we?

We're two engineers who have become frustrated with Zoom's interface after using it to work together remotely. We've set out to redefine how remote teams collaborate and communicate. Circles initially started as an experiment to improve our own collaboration and has grown into a product that we now focus on full-time.


We believe that the pandemic has permanently changed the way companies operate. Many companies had to adopt remote work practices without procedures or tools to make employees effective, people lost the ability to work in the familiar and effective ways they knew how. As the dust settles and teams stay remote, get back into the office, or become hybrids, new tools need to exist that are designed to make teams in these situations more effective. We aim to build these tools.

It's free, so what's the catch?

We take privacy and security very seriously. We do not collect any data except for what's necessary to operate our product and do not sell any data or display ads. We ask that you provide feedback to help us build the most effective tools we possibly can. Also, we're open to donations if you're feeling generous 😅

Dave Schatz

Timothy Zelinsky