“Super impressed by what you and your team have already built in beta. Very cool experience. Tremendous potential on the 'collaborative work-flow' side of things. A more human, real time 'Slack channel' - meets - 'Google Drive' - text - 'in the room' experience. Eager to see how it evolves.”


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Why use Circles for Zoom over Around

Circles for Zoom is an innovative video conferencing interface built on top of Zoom. This means that you can use Circles to attend your existing Zoom meetings. It's free and easy to use.

Around offers a circle-based interface for their video platform, however you'll need to convince all of your colleagues to install and use around for every meeting, which requires process change and approval chains.

Circles for Zoom works with the Zoom meetings you're already attending. Around doesn't.

Circles for Zoom is used everyday at over 1,200 companies

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