Dock Settings

The Dock is one of the more powerful and complicated parts of using Circles.

Here, we’ll walk you through how to use it to design the meeting layouts that work best for you!


Circles supports multiple docks. This means you can have multiple columns or rows of circles/participants. Each can be individually configured or you can adjust the settings of all visible docks at once. The Dock Settings allow you to control the number of docks, number of participants visible per dock, orientation (vertical/horizontal), opacity (transparency), and size of the circles. You can also elect to hide your own circle and hide non-video participants.

Dock Settings in Dark Mode
Dock Settings in Dark Mode


You can easily adjust the transparency of a dock by either selecting one or all docks in the drop down at the top, then adjust the opacity slider at the bottom. See screenshot below for an example.

Desktop with 7 circles present in a semi-transparent mode, positioned top-center
Transparent dock, adjusted by Dock Settings


Depending on your preference, you may want to display your dock horizontally across your screen or vertically down your screen. Many folks change orientation depending on the meeting context and the content they’re working with during a meeting. Below you’ll see examples of both as well as a meeting with two docks and each using a different orientation.

Circles Vertical Dock Orientation
Vertical Dock Orientation
Circles Horizontal Dock Orientation
Horizontal Dock Orientation
Two Docks, One vertical and one horizontal
Two circles docks, one horizontal and one vertical
Two docks, one horizontal and one vertical

We’ll be updating this page with more tips and techniques for adjusting the Dock to your preferences so check back soon!